Jun 28, 2011

Piper At The Gates Of Golden Dawn (June 29th - July 3rd)

Wednesday 29th June
Sean Grattan Tribute DJs 8pm - close
A few years ago, a good man named Sean Grattan moved to America to pursue a career in film. His departure left a gaping hole in the hearts of many of us left alone here in Auckland. This Wednesday, join us to remember life in a time when Sean Grattan was still around, and life was just... better. Here's a picture of him to enjoy while you get ready for Wednesday. We miss you, Sean Grattan.

Thursday 30th June
Yam Jams DJs 8pm - close
With two of the three Yam Jammers hiding out in Peruvian forests at the moment, resident Yam Mr Rohan St. Clair will this week be joined at the hip by long-time listener, long overdue first time caller Mr Jubt Dontchaknow. A soulful man with funky footsteps and a passion for delicious boutique beers (like our charming Hallertau selection), Jubt is an able temporary member of this monthly Good Times Crew. The best of every decade is on offer tonight, amen.

Friday 1st July - Presence Magazine Launch - $5 door charge
Pikachunes LIVE
The Peter Pan of Electro-Pop, the Babyface Disco-Fool, or the Dream Date of Dance... call him what you like, but for goodness sake come and see him this Friday as part of Presence Magazine's launch party! (I'm talking about Pikachunes by the way, making his Golden Dawn live debut this Friday. Weeee!)

Dj Papa Dave Taylor 8pm - 11pm
There ain't no party like a Papa Dave Taylor party! I guess this is true of any party really, but a Papa Dave Taylor party is a vinyl-tastic psychedelic rock'n'roll country bop fest you kinda need to be at, lest you be deemed "a square". Come on little mamas and papas, let's wiggle.

DJ Andrew Trouble 11pm - 2am
Andrew: "What's a GD party set like these days? With your "no ironic hip hop" stance etc"
Me: "A little more open than before... like... it just doesn't make sense to play bangers here really. you kow. kNow. good times party"
Andrew: ":) I'll leave Black Eyed Peas at home"
Me: "You're the greatest DJ on Earth"

Saturday 2nd July - $5 door charge
Surfing USSR (Christchurch) LIVE
Describing their sound as "traditional klezmer melodies filtered through the individual band members backgrounds", Surfing USSR will be nothing if not a revelation this Saturday! Featuring the Great Southern Legend Mr Greg Malcolm - who has travelled the world for the past two and a bit decades with his experimental guitar prowess, amongst other things - this incarnation of Surfing USSR also features the Wizard Prince of Jazz, Mr Chris O'Connor on drums, Mr Marc Howe on bass, and Senor John "Sanctus" Bell on vibes!

DJ Dillamonster 8pm - 11pm
If Nigerian Disco Funk seguing into the Warning Sign soundtrack is your idea of a killer Saturday night... you're in some sexy kind of luck. The Dillamonster makes his overdue return this weekend, with a swag of records that'll blow your whistle, tickle your monkey, and squeeze your pineapples in all the right places.

DJ Mr Crawley 11pm - close
This guy DJs every week. They keep inviting him back. Not sure why. Doesn't even know anything about dubstep.

Sunday 3rd July
DJ Phil Kelly 5pm - late
Mr Kelly is a graphic designer and record collector recently returned to NZ having lived in New York City and Shanghai for the last 12 years - collecting vinyl and designing sleeves for record labels including Kompakt, Objecktivity, Mahogani Music Detroit, Defected UK and Still Music Chicago. After DJing at random bars in Lower Manhattan including King Size and Nublu... PK is back in the Big Little City, and ready to go this Sunday!

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